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Cherry blossom flower

The season of cherry blossoms will pass in no time.

Cherry blossomsIt is true that the cherry blossoms are in bloom for about two weeks in a year, but still, there is a feeling that makes us feel the arrival of spring.
Of course, as I go up from the south to the north, if I can go to the northern region, I can enjoy about 2 months.
In the flat land, I go up from the south, but the mountains are surely cold, so Yoshino mountain in Nara will be in the best time to watch.
When looking from near the top of the mountain, one side is covered with cherry blossoms to a magnificent view, and the scenery where you can enjoy various cherry blossoms is just spectacular.
It is good to see cherry trees, even one by one, but it is a nice scenery to see many cherry blossoms from a distance.
It seems that cherry blossom viewing was done with flowers of plum in the Nara period, it was said that it turned into cherry blossoms during the Heian era, it also appears in songs, 43 songs are singing in Manyoshu about sakura, About 110 heads of poems were seen, but in the early 10th century Kokin Waka songs the number reversed and cherry blossoms are 70 necks and plums are 18 necks.
The cherry-blossom viewing reminiscent of the arrival of spring is also a little left, let’s keep on good manners and enjoy it.

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