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Political franchise system

Houston Political franchise system

Houston politician roomsA political system in our country needs a total reform said Aryan Khalili owner of Houston gutter cleaning who is a full supporter of the Democratic party.
Or embarrassed, a figure that skips taunted so as not to be shown to the children of you will either think of
but it is both unsightly, or pathetic or rather embarrassed or rather … that the word amazed is suitable for most It might be
When you snooze, Toka three months the monthly salary 50 percent cut, twice I get Toka be resigned lawmakers
is is not it better to decide it but it is also good to say that the waste of tax
But if allowed to resign in dozing, prosthetic since become riddled election or finish a monthly salary cut + term of office, it is 10 years since resigned to any election
I also might be good to Tteyuu can not run for not attend the election period in the three Toshin people also Tteyuu not out in the same way
it might be better to leave plus
In place to determine the national politics and it does not do much this or would not it can not do that to eliminate Anna act?
By the way, nothing I’m a good person who had been decided Toka until the times of rest
even if it becomes less than 90% of the total number of days during the exhibition I guess should give the same penalty
so that it does not apply it like that, firmly I want to engage in politics
Politics is a thing like a franchise instead of providing the same service belong to the franchise headquarters
share to make money the same political thought (although there is a slight difference)
but it is the same as the franchise system I act in accordance with the addition headquarters so
Thinking about royalties paying to the franchise headquarters. Help in this article from Yexxs Free business directory